A 9 Week eCourse In

World Dharma 

The World Dharma Practice of Mindful Intelligence -

Insight Meditation, Experiential Buddhist Psychology and The Courage To Care   

Reclaiming Freedom and Authenticity - The Totality of Everyday Life  

Presented by Alan Clements 

Sept 17, 2018 

9 Weeks | 9 Modules | with private skype sessions


1. The World Dharma Mindful Intelligence eCourse: An Overview:

Drawn from ancient and modern traditions, both East and West, The World Dharma Mindful Intelligence eCourse is a distillation of Alan Clements’ life work — a journey that has taken him from the sacredness of monastic silence deep into the dark heart of war zones. By merging the models of personal and planetary transformation found within his freedom trilogy - The Voice of Hope, Instinct for Freedom, and A Future to Believe In the eCourse illuminates the interplay between our inner journey (the exploration of consciousness and its contents) with its expression in the outer world though the liberating art of being true and human.  

Presented over 9 consecutive weeks the multimedia eCourse delves into the theory, practices and teachings of World Dharma and the Practices of Mindful Intelligence — an experiential approach to mind-life-transformation and human liberation. World Dharma is unique to each individual and is evolved through mindful intelligence - the artful interplay of one’s meditative awareness with everything: no exceptions. Alan also calls this self-authenticating process dharma yoga — or that of finding our liberation through living in every circumstance we face.

Although motivations for undertaking the eCourse vary, emphasis is placed on a radical transition to a world in which we are inspired to peacefully co-create sustainable economic, environmental and spiritual solutions, devoid of exploitation, violence, and degradation.Towards these goals the World Dharma eCourse offers a practical framework to understand the essential elements of World Dharma or that of “inner environmentalism and the deep ecology of consciousness,” as well as a powerful (self-designed) methodology for their experiential application.

The eCourse includes comprehensive instructions in the areas of a “whole-mind awareness” as daily-life-requisite, the philosophy and practices of both pre-and-post-mindfulness-based meditations, classical and contemporary self-reflections, liberating thought experiments offering hope and the invention of a new future, creative writing explorations that serve to transcend the limitations of the present, individual processes evolving clarity of purpose and meaningful actions in the world, and guided meditations fostering specific states of mind, such as empathy, transparency, and patience.

2. Special Features:

* Weekly video and written presentations by Alan Clements.

* Each of the 9 weeks includes a video reflection from “A Future to Believe In.”

* Videos are available on all devices and archived for unlimited access.

* Learn to design your own unique expression of World Dharma.

* Grow a community of unaligned indepedent world dharma teachers and practitioners.

3. Two styles of participation to choose from: 

1. Self-Guided: Participate at your own pace.  

2. Session-Supported: Includes 3 20 min skype sessions during the eCourse.

* Sessions scheduled by email through Alan’s assistant. 

* Sessions can be used for any purpose: dharma related; interpersonal; creative self-expression and livelihood.

* Writing a book? Alan works with a number of emerging authors.

* Consult about your dharma practice or teaching or the integration of world dharma into yoga.

* Alan’s approach to transformation extends beyond his formal training and scholarship in Buddhism, activism, and theater, and serves to implode stereotypical concepts of spiritual normalcy and strict psychological identities. Your sessions can be taped. 

World Dharma is non-religious, non-sectarian, and unique to each individual. The Dharma and freedom are like the wind, they cannot be grasped or boxed. Thus during the eCourse the emphasis is on developing one’s own unique expression and practice of World Dharma - the liberating art of being true and human.. 

4. Course fee: Pay in full or in 3 monthly installments?


1. Self-Guided $195 $65 Open
2. Session Supported: 3 Skype Sessions $375 $125 25 People


5. Special Offer: Receive Two Gifts upon Registration:

1. Download a copy of Alan’s latest book, A Future to Believe In.

2. Attend a World Dharma Retreat anytime with your eCourse fee deducted from the retreat cost.

6. To Register for the eCourse:

* Select your style of participation: Self-guided or with skype support sessions.
* Once registered, you will receive an email confirming payment and participation.
* If you have questions please email us. contact@worldddharma.com

COURSE FEES: Make one payment or 3 installments, by pay pal, credit card, or money order.

1. Self-Guided


2. Session Supported: 3 Skype Sessions


15 People

7. Payment Options and Methods:

1) Pay a one-time eCourse fee upon registration.
2) Or pay 3 monthly installments (starting from the time you register). 

 We accept Pay Pal, credit, bank and debit cards, worldwide.

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“The mind is a living organism that chaperons us everywhere, haloing our bodies as the biosphere does the earth. It informs us of everything we think, feel, and say. Consciousness is as central to life as the ecosystem is to the earth. We can’t live without it, nor can it be escaped. It is home. Neglect consciousness — denigrate it, violate it — and like the earth, the individual suffers, and often causes suffering, too. On the other hand, nurture consciousness — understand its nature, inhabit it wisely —and we flourish, and elevate society too.” Alan Clements, from the book,
"A Future to BelieveIn:108 Reflections on the Art and Activism of Freedom"
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